Swimsuit Competition...
I gotta wear a bikini?


No worries.  If you are sitting there thinking about the swimsuit competition, feeling insecure, out of shape and nervous, you are in the right place! 

Just remember, it’s not where you start…it’s where you finish that counts.  You got this.

That was your pep talk for now…I’m sure there will be more later.

The swimsuit competition is certainly one of the most problematic phases for most pageant girls. In a world of processed foods, stress, overcrowded schedules, and quick unclean meals, it takes more discipline and focus than ever to eat right and exercise consistently at a level that makes the difference you want to make!

But it is absolutely doable, you just gotta want it. And you have to prepare for change.

Aside from being bikini-ready, you also have to consider what swimsuit to wear for your competition, is a 1-piece swimsuit suitable (get my play on words there?), how to walk in heels, posing for maximum effect, hair, makeup…and all that jazz. 

We've got all that fun stuff covered on Pageant-Girl.Com!  So grab some water (I'd say to grab a hot chocolate, but we are getting ready for a swimsuit competition, right? Zero calorie beverages from here on out!  Or how about green tea?), and keep reading.  

Swimsuit Competition Physique

First, let’s talk about competitive physique; a killer bikini body that will turn heads, and do you many healthy favors for the rest of your life.

Let’s start your journey off right (or, if you've competed before...how about a do-over?) and use this opportunity of preparing for a pageant as a vehicle to get into the best body of your life.  No quick fads, or diets. No starving or over-training. On this site, we promote healthy eating and excerise that produces amazing, award-winning and lifelong results. 

From experience of working with tons of girls on the topic of weight loss and body transformation, I feel I need to start with debunking some common myths on the topic that may be holding you back.

I’ve heard and seen so many things about how girls lose weight and avoid resistance training, so I just want to start a path of truth.  My hope is that you invite others to walk this path too. 

So, are you with me?

I am extremely passionate about the topic of health and wellness. We only have one life and one body. We must take care of it--body, mind and spirit; as it is a gift. We must take care of ourselves to the best of our ability, so that we can fully care out what we were ordained to do. A healthy body is essential--competition or not!