How To Prepare for the Swimsuit Competition

The swimsuit competition is certainly one of the most problematic phases for most pageant girls. In a world of processed foods, stress, and quick, but unclean meals, it takes more discipline and courage than ever to eat right, which, truly is half the battle. But it is absolutely doable, you just gotta want it.

So, let's start your journey off right (or, if you've competed about a do-over?) and use this opportunity of preparing for a pageant as a vehicle to get into the best body of your life?  Remember, it's the journey..., are you with me?

Then, let's go!

There is a difference between a lifestyle change and dieting. I have seen too many pageant girls put their bodies in states of shock by not eating enough, or starving themselves and doing excessive amounts of exercise shortly before their competition. This leads to so many problems for your health, physically and mentally. It does not please eat well!

I am extremely passionate about the topic of health and wellness. We only have one life and one body. We must take care of it--body, mind and spirit; as it is a gift. We must take care of yourselves to the best of our ability--pageant or no pageant.

One of the most important myths I want to "bust" is...

you must eat to lose weight. If you are exercising efficiently, and eating clean foods, feeding your muscles (which are fat-burning machines...God is Good!), and starving the fat (stop eating fatty and sugary foods), your body will transform in to an award-winning one. Starving yourself or not eating enough will force your body to hold on to fat just to survive.

Another myth buster...weight training will not make you bulky. Your muscles need to be developed and conditioned in order for them to turn into fat burning machines they are meant to be. A well-versed, well educated trainer will show you how. Your body will transform, and sometimes swell a bit if you're working really hard, but that's ok. It's normal. Don't freak out and be patient!

The swimsuit competition is only uncomfortable for someone if one is not prepared physically, as well as mentally. It is a whole lot of fun when you know you've worked hard and smart and you know look amazing! So let's talk about how to find the perfect personal trainer...or better yet, a coach...who can train you to not only look fabulous in your swimsuit competition, but a coach you to help you feel like a competitor!

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