Comfy Pageant Wear for Practice or Play

Pageant Wear Inventory : Evening gowns? Check. Swimsuit? Check. Interview suit? Check. Pageant Girl Capri Sweat Pant?

Just a suggestion...

There's nothing like a cozy pair of sweat pant capris and tank tee after a day in 4 inch heels. I remember wearing a blinged up sweatsuit someone graciously made for me when I competed at Miss America. It had "Miss Pennsylvania" bedazzled down the side of one leg, and my name on the front of the shirt in glitter. No one had any questions or doubt of who I was when I wore it!

But it was comfortable, and great to wear at practices or just lounging around!

So I thought it would be cool to offer Pageant-Girl.Com's official logo on cozy apparel to show the world you are a Pageant Girl. There are a number of fashionable and useful items from which to choose. How about a Pageant Girl canvas bag to carry your binders, shoes, makeup, or what ever else you carry througout your day?

The cheerleader shorts are super cute, too. And with any of the pieces, you can customize it. For example, on the shorts, our logo is on the lower front of the left leg, and you can also have a word or two printed across the back side if you like. Just click on "Customize This" and type in what you want.

So take a look at our store and see what you like. Make sure, regardless of whether you buy it here or elsewhere, you have comfortable pageant wear for those casual moments. And in advance, thanks so much for your support!

Cool and Casual Pageant Wear

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