Wearing and Working Your Pageant Swimwear

When it comes to pageant swimwear and rocking it, you kind of have to look at the honest truth: you are darn-near wearing your birthday suit, ok? You have GOT to look tight and on point. That's just the short of it. You must be in good shape,  But there are some other factors that are very important to making your overall presentation in swimsuit/ lifestyle and fitness award-worthy to the judges.

How Pageant Swimwear Should Fit

In most cases you will be wearing a bikini.  I have not seen a one-piece in decades, but it's not to say they are not allowed.  Bikinis are just preferred.  

Aside from being fit and firm, It is imperative to have the  top and bottoms of your suit  not to big, or not too small.  You don't want the bottoms to sag (no saggy bottoms of any kind). I have seen many contestants walk away revealing the bottoms of their bikinis big and saggy.  Not cute.   And you don't want them cutting into you, causing wedgies and camel toe (sorry for the graphics, but the struggles are real, ya'll).  Take the time to tailor your pieces to fit your curves.  

Your suit also needs to stay put. Butt glue will help keep the bottoms from riding. And if your "girls" are prone to bounce while you walk, consider finding a suit that can keep them in place .  You may also need to use duct tape to either tape them in place, or use the tape to create the illusion of cleavage! 

Duct tape is so versatile. 

Learn how to use Butt Glue and Duct Tape to your advantage.

Color Choice

For pageant swimwear color, typically, go for solids. No prints.  Pick a color that looks irresistible on your skin tone. Also, take a step back and see what your other pageant wardrobe colors are.  Keep a variety among your pieces if you can. 


Halter top, spaghetti strap, low-rise, french cut...which on looks best on your body type?  There are a variety of different styles out there for you to play with!  Find one that is completely you.  And remember, professionally tailor it to fit! 


Knowing how to pose in your pageant swimwear is also important.  Don't be afraid to find a full-length mirror and practice your stance (beveled footing is a typical "pageant" stance). Put your hands on your hips, or one hand on one hip, elbows back, lean into one leg...play with your stance and see what looks good. A little tip:  If it feels uncomfortable but looks great, then you got it right!

I remember one contestant at Miss America my year who spent a considerable amount of time in front of the tri-fold mirror practicing her pose.  I remember thinking how silly she looked, constantly adjusting her stance, and readjusting herself in the mirror in her swimwear.  Well, she won swimsuit that year! Who's the silly one again?

Your Walk

The walk requires confidence and comfort, a good pair of hips and some mighty fine pageant shoes.  It is the foundation of your presentation and is what pulls it all together. If your walk is awkward or uncomfortable, or not confident, there is nothing you can wear to make up for the lack of it. 

Here's a personal confession...

I have a mantra in my head that I repeat to myself when walk into a room, or in front of an audience. Try it, it works! Say to yourself, "I am fierce," or, "I am bold,", "I'm a fox....," whatever works! No one is going to know what your thinking and no one can take it away, so go for it! You may be surprised at how your posture and attitude changes.

In addition, your posture showcases your confidence and class. Make certain that your shoulders are back and body lifted so that your hips are able to "sashay" down that runway. No slouching. Ever. You are a queen.