Pageant Shoes that Move You

When selecting pageant shoes, it's important to make sure that they create a long and seamless look for you. Shoes should not be noticeable on stage. They should also allow you to move well across the stage.

This may sound like an obvious piece of advice, but I have seen many girls wear wrong shoes that stick out, or cause them to walk akwardly. So this needs to be addressed. :-)

So, allow me to shed some light on the do's and don'ts of picking the perfect pair of pageant shoes.


  1. ...Go nude tone or clear.
  2. Whether it's swimsuit or evening gown, it is best to go with a nude or clear pageant shoe. I have seen many girls walk on stage with black or white shoes that just don't work. Wearing nude or clear shoes will create a seamless, continual, long look. And you can never go wrong with rhinstones on them!

    For interview, however, shoes are as what you would wear on a job interview--nothing strappy.

    Of course if you're wearing an outift with that is black or has black and another color combination, then a black shoe would most likely look fablous. Taupe is great, too. If you are stumped and need an opinion, email me a picture of your options with your outfit. A forum is coming soon for this very purpose!

  3. Johnathan Kayne...
  4. When I think pageant shoes, I think Johnathan Kayne. They range from about $90-$150, so they are pretty resonable, but you can surely save some money buying a previously owned pageant shoe from great designers.

  5. ...go for a platform.
  6. I am not fond of the thick cluncky platforms for a pageant. Just don't do it. Fitness competitors use them and it's fine for that. But if you can find a shoe with a subtle platform at right underneath the ball of the foot...they make 4 inch heels SO comfortable to wear, and easy to walk in. Give it a try and see what works.

    Incidentally, I found a great pair of 4.5 inch heels at BCBG called "Shannon." They only come in Black, Tan and White, and man, are they a great shoe! The tan or black would work well for an interview for a Miss or Mrs. contestant.

Tip for Teens

If you are a teen contestant, keep your heel at 3 inches maximum. Why? Because your're teens. --


  1. too high of a heel
  2. I know that if one is petite that she is just trying to look taller by buying 5" heels with platforms. But if you are not able to walk in them, it defeats the goal of looking confident, casual and classy. Save your feet, your money and yourself, and find a comfortable height that you can naturally work with.

    Also, if it's a long, lean look you're after, try toning up your legs. With diet, and exercises that lift the tush, lean out the thighs, and elongate the hamstrings, appearing tall on stage will be achieved.

    In evening gown, your gown's hem should touch the floor. If it doesn't, your heel is too high or the dress is too short. Just adjust accordingly and you're looking good.

  3. ...wear a shoe with too many straps
  4. Again, keep it simple, elegant and understated.

Bottom line, the goal is to wear shoes that are not only beautiful and understated, but also must allow you to walk comfortably, and with confidence.

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