Are 2-Piece Pageant Interview Suits 
A Thing Of The Past?

Back in my day, the pageant interview suits for the interview competition consisted of: a jacket, skirt, blouse, nylons and close-toed heels, or pumps (do they still call them “pumps”?).  Wow.  Just typing “blouse” makes me feel old! Just please tell me you don’t have to Google that to know what that is.  Please?

Thank you, kindly. 

When I competed (and won) my state title, I wore a 2 piece-suit, but it was unconventional at the time.  The skirt was a little lower than mid-calf, white pinned-striped navy suit with white lapel. Very chic. Very me. I bought it mail order from a Lew Magram’s catalog.  I think it was around 60 bucks.

The 2 piece suit seems to still be the go-to look (minus the shoulder pads), and I do think it’s a professional and good look.  However, some girls just are not “skirt and jacket” girls, and so it’s awesome that, today, other looks in the interview room are also acceptable!

There is a new era of pageant interview “suits” that are more day dresses that are slimmer, sassier, more youthful, yet professional and so much more fun than what it use to be. That is my opinion anyway, as some of my pageant sisters feel that pageants should go back to the expectation of wearing an actual suit. 

To each her own.

If you’re a teen or younger, I personally think that a suit doesn’t suit this age group. Teens should look like professional teens, and little pageant girls should look like little girls. This is quite a  thing to do whilst making them wear adult styles in size children small.

Another thing to consider, however, are the pageant guidelines.  They are all different.  Some pageants may require their contestants, regardless of age, to wear 2-piece traditional, pageant interview suits.  So, sometimes you just have to wear what they want you to wear!

 But if you have full control of what you can wear for your pageant interview, the look you are going for is professional, beautiful, and comfortable. Something that you love and feel beautiful wearing.  Tailored.  All you.

Pageant Interview Suits of Today

Avoid sweaters, cardigans, and sundresses.  I feel I need to state this because I've seen it done.  Grant it,  this girl's interview was out of this world and talent was beyond this world,  and she ended up winning, but…just avoid doing that, ok?

Aside from the 2-piece pageant interview suit, I have seen beautiful 1 piece dresses with a pemblum, or some ruffles, or I’ve also seen pant suits that looked fantastic on the girl! You really just need to try things on and see what works.  And be careful to stay focused on what actually looks good on you.  Don't  try to convince yourself that you look great in something just because someone else wore it, or you think the judges will like it.  No. You are wearing it. 

I would recommend minimal jewelry, and stay away from bangles and bracelets (especially if you are a hand talker!).  I would also recommend wearing a closed-toed shoe, typically a nude color works in most cases.  Wearing your hair up or down is a personal preference, do what looks clean and professional. 

You can find an interview suit in a catalog like I did (just be sure to tailor it for a perfect fit), or even on Facebook!  There is a large community of pageant peeps that are reselling gently used pageant interview suits and many other items that you may find useful.  Log on as see what you can find 

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Every pageant is different, some want to see corporate and conservative pageant interview suits, others would love to see your personal style shine through in all aspects of the competition. So the first thing you might want to do is ask the pageant director what style interview suit works best for that particular organization and go from there.  We’d love to hear how you are doing in your search for the perfect pageant interview suit for you!