Time To Hang Up the Pageant Interview Suits and Slip in to Something More "Happenin'"

There is a new phase of pageant interview suits that is slimmer, youthful, and so much more fun than what it use to be.

I always thought teens, especially, needed a different alternative than a corporate suit. And now they do, and so do the Miss and Mrs.

thank goodness, because those corporate suits back in the day were "boxy" and...well, too corporate! So let's think outside the box(y?) a bit, and focus on your personality.

Knit dresses have been around for a while but they are so much more popular now than before. And so many to choose from, too! No matter your age or style, there is a pageant interview suit out there for you.

Some of the designers of these great knits are Jennifer Roberts and Micheal St. George.

Knits contour the body very well. Styles come with belts, or bows, ruffles, pok-a-dots, two-piece suit, or a dress, and in any color you prefer. The price range for these lovely suits/dresses are $450-$800 new and are custom ordered (so allow 5-6 weeks for them to complete it for you). You can definitely save a little if you find one of these beauties previously worn.

And you definitely don't have to buy a knit to win the judges over either. I've known several gals who simply went to the sales rack and found something they looked absolutely beautiful in, paid less than $100, and won the title. Again, it's about looking fabulous, not the price tag, and of course, having the "it factor," which you can't buy...it's priceless.

Every pageant is different, some want to see corporate and conservative pageant interview suits, others would love to see your personal style shine through. so the first thing you might want to do is ask the pageant director what style interview suit works best for that particular organization. I am partial to the Miss America system because it is the one I competed in, and it's, quite simply, the BEST. It is an organization that is relevant, and so your woredrobe, from suim suit to interview suit, should fit your personality and be current in style.

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