Long Lasting Lipstick
That Will Blow. Your. Mind!

Imagine, long lasting lipstick that is moisturizing, AND doesn't change color on you during the day.

Ok. I'm slightly obsessed over this new line of lip color. If you have not heard of this long lasting lipstick, called LipSense, by SeneGence International, is the ultimate game changer.  Guaranteed you are going to love the way it looks and feels!  And guaranteed if you don't hear it from me, you will hear about it from somebody very soon...

...so it might as well be me to show you what this is LipSense is all about.

The colors, first of all, 36 shades in all,  are rich and beautiful, and it feels like you have nothing on.  And the best part...these rich and beautiful colors last up 18 hrs!

Isn't that fantastic?!

LipSense is:  

  • water-proof,
  • kiss proof 
  • smudge proof
  • lead free and wax free
  • gluten free
  • GMO free
  • cruelty free
  • and made in the USA 

So basically, it's perfect. 

For a pageant girl, that means no fake air kisses...you can actually touch your lips with your hands and the color stays.

If you're wearing red lips at a gala that went on until 3 am, and was too tired to take off your makeup, slept in those white hotel sheets, you will not find red lip color on the sheets when you wake up.  Other makeup, maybe, but not LipSense.  

This long lasting lipstick is for EVERY WOMAN! Other benefits:

  • No lipstick stains on cups, clothes, or other persons' cheek or lips
  • No lipstick on your teeth!
  • No re application all day!
  • Improves the condition of your skin on your lips over time! Since there's no wax, LipSense allows your lips to exfoliate naturally while looking amazing.  Unleash your lips, girl! 

Watch my video so I can show you how to use it!

Step 1: How To Select Your Long Lasting Lipstick Colors

If you already know what types of colors look good on you, you can skip this and check out the colors! Then scroll down to Check out the color selection and how you can order!  

But for some, picking a color might be a bit overwhelming.  So let me help you narrow it down a bit!  

LipSense offers a variety of colors in Warm/Yellow-Based or Cool/Blue-based shades.  If you have a color in mind, they probably have it. Mixing colors together offers more options (let me know what color you are trying to match and we can tell you what colors to mix together)!  But if you don't know where to start selecting a color (or colors), how do you know if you're warm or cool?  You will need to know what your "undertone" is.

Identify your Undertones:

I find the natural light test to be the simplest way to identify undertones. Look at the inside of your forearm and wrist. If the veins are:

  • Greenish - you have a YELLOW or warm undertone.
  • Blueish - you have a BLUE/PINK or cool undertone.
  • If you can't tell - you have a BEIGE or neutral undertone (you can pretty much wear anything and look amazing).

Ok, now do you know your undertone? Great! Now choose your long lasting lipstick.

Step 2: Selecting Your LipSense Colors

There are 36 beautiful colors to choose from. You can select one color or mix and match colors to create the perfect color for you!  If you have a color from another brand that you love, message me and I will suggest what colors to mix! So fun!

Step 3: How To Order

Your first LipSense purchase, or "Starter Kit" should consist of lip color(s), Moisturizing Gloss and Oooops! Remover.

The gloss is super important.  This Moisturizing Gloss is formulated like a "top coat" for your color, moisturizing your lips with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to combat dryness and heal the skin.  It is a must!

 I also highly recommend Oooops! Remover ($10)  to gently "lift" your long lasting lipstick so you can change colors or remove at the end of the day.  Neutregena soap works to remove LipSense just as well, however, it is very drying, especially on the thin-skinned lips. 

And I don't know too many people who like the taste of soap. Bleh!

How To Get Your Hands on LipSense

Easily!  You can fill out this order form.  When you click "submit," your order will go straight to my email.  Once you submit payment (you can either use Venmo or pay by credit/debit), your order will be mailed, and you will be rocking the most beautiful, long lasting lip color you have ever worn! 

Again, your satisfaction is guaranteed! That means, if you don't like LipSense you'll get a full refund!  

I know you will love it as much as I do!

Thank you so much for ordering from us!  We'll be sure to follow up so you can tell us how you are doing!

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