Very Cute Makeup Bags 
Designed for a Star (That's You!)

As I mentioned before, cute makeup bags didn't exist when I was competing.  I had a Kit-n-Kaboodle, a plastic, half green and half pink (or peach) tackle box.  And all of my cosmetics and brushes inside my "tackle box"  were tostled about with every step I took, to the point where blush and any other press powders crumbled and spread all over the inside of the case!  

I literally remember taking my blush brush and pressing it into the corner of the Kit-n-Kaboodle where all the blush powder collected so I could apply it to my face.  

Messy, messy, messy.

So when I heard that Former Miss Ohio/Broadway Superstar, Tiffany Haas, created a gorgeous line of makeup bags, I as so excited!  And the excitement is not only for you and I, who desperately need a bag that has compartments and space to put curling irons, and makeup, brushes, hairspray, jewelry etc, that's not a bulky tackle box, but a dainty yet durable bag; BUT for the girl who was a pageant girl with a dream to perform, then to create her own business because she, too, realized that glamour needed to be accessible and clean and put together with a bow on top...(sigh)  I mean...THIS is just all shades of awesome!

She's living her life full beat...are you?  By the way, that that is the name of her "new baby." 

Cute Makeup Bags with Sense and Style

These bags are truly amazing.  They range in size from the largest yet compact piece called, "The Vanity," which is able to hold your flat or curling iron, two full size bottles of shampoo and conditioner, brushes, makeup, and so much more, even has a cute pull out mirror on an easel!  And the smallest size, a chic yet very accommodating  little clutches that can definitely fit way more than just your credit card and cell phone.  So whether you are performing or competing, or going out to an event or appearance, you will have room in these bags for everything you need to be ready from the neck up.  And they are, by far, the cutest makeup bags you will ever see!  

I love supporting other women in business. I think it's awesome when a woman has an idea, creates a plan, then puts it to action.  I have yet to meet Tiffany, but I know since we are in the same circle, our paths will meet soon. Looking forward to a hug and a high five! Until then and beyond, I give FullBeat 2 thumbs up!  I think every pageant girl should have one of these bags.  Or two.  You will use it every single day. So, get yourself a couple of the cute makeup bags, and tell Tiffany that Mayra from sent ya!