Pageant Tips on Beauty

I am literally thinking to myself, "where do I begin on such a vast topic?"  Pageant tips on all things beauty is a fun, never-ending, bottomless handbag (like Mary Poppins' carpet bag...but waaaaay cuter), of lovely pearls of wisdom from which  all females of all ages can benefit. This site will provide you with a fountain of beauty pageant tips, but here I want to take it from a carpet bag of tips, down to a basic handbag.

You'll get the reason for these "purse" analogies in a minute.

Pageant Makeup

love makeup. It can transform, create illusions, or just simply enhance your natural beauty for an everyday, fresh look.  I didn't have YouTube when I was growing up, let alone a computer that can comfortably fit on a desktop (totally showing my age here), but these days, you can just YouTube your way to glamourous. You can literally learn pageant makeup yourself by watching a ton of videos, which the only investment would be your time and the cosmetics that you want to use.

I like doing my own makeup most times. I actually had a professional Hollywood makeup artist come to my house to teach me how to do stage makeup in my pageant days. She used all MAC products.  She also shrieked in dismay when she saw that my carrying case for my make up was a peach and mint green Kit-n-Kaboodle (now I'm REEEEAALLY showing my age).  She said, "You can NOT go to Miss America with that.  You need an upgrade."

So, she upgraded me to this huge square tackle box from MAC that could double as a weapon for self-defense.  It held everything i needed though! 

So, the pageant tips you can take away from this story are this:

  • You will have to acquire a great pallet of makeup, from stage to everyday. 
  • You will need professional makeup brush set
  • You can either learn the skill of makeup application from YouTube for DIY or...
  • You can hire a professional to either teach you or just do it for you. 
  • You also need an amazingly, fully-functioning, all-encompassing, chic-looking bag that can carry everything you need to look fabulous from the neck up. Not something juvenile like a Kit-n-Kaboodle from the 90s, or a iron cast tackle box like I had. 

Pageant Tip: be organized, prepared and look good doing it.  I definitely want to show you this line of are going to absolutely love it! Oh, and the girl behind the bags?  A pageant girl and Broadway star. 

Pageant Tips on Lips

How many times do you reapply your lip color in a day? Or leave lip marks on your cup, or on someone's cheek?  Or get red lipstick on your gorgeous gown?  Heaven forbid, you are smiling on stage or interview room only to expose your lipstick-painted teeth!  Yikes!

Not too long ago, a friend contacted me to try a new product. And since I love makeup I said, "sure, why not?" So she came over to show me a lipstick that, to me, is Heaven sent. It's completely and utterly kiss proof.  Smudge proof. Bleed proof. Drink proof. Teeth proof and water-proof!

For pageant girls, do you know what this means?  That means, when you are blowing kisses to your adoring fans, you don't have to blow air kisses! You can blow real kisses and not  get lipstick on your finger tips or smudge it all over your face!

The struggles are REAL in pageant land!

Pageant tip: You must have this lipstick in your makeup case.  

This product was so good I just HAD to share it with you. Beautiful colors. Matte and Glossy Gloss, in fact,  a variety of gloss finishes. I am a new fan.  I know you will be too!

Skin Care

Another pageant tip on beauty is about your skin. I feel that skin care is so important for long-term "keeping it together for life" beauty. The earlier you start a complete skin care regime (cleaner, toner, exfoliator, moisturizer, foundation) better off you'll be.  Think of it as a workout for your skin, only this workout is more like a daily spa rather than a stinky gym.  Ask yourself this question, "Do I want to be fabulous over 40?" Well, you can do one of two things. You can rely on Botox and other medical procedures to keep you looking youthful and vibrant, or you can start now to develop a solid skin care routine. 

For as long as I can remember, I have only used Mary Kay everything on my skin.  Plain and simple.  Even the make up. All Mary Kay.  I love it.  Both skin care and cosmetics are affordable, excellent quality, and if you find a good consultant, she makes you feel good. And then in turn, supporting her business makes her feel good.  But there are a ton of very good skin care lines out there, because not everyone is a Mary Kay girl.  Just like not everyone is a pageant girl. I totally get it. 

There are lots of product lines out there, and I would like to show you some which I have experienced and loved! And if you have experienced full skin care lines and loved them, we want to hear that too!  We gotta help each other out!  

No matter which products you choose, I have found that sticking to a whole line's  skin care set works best.  All the components of the skin care line (cleanser, day/night creams etc) were all meant to be used with one another, scientifically designed to work together, therefore increasing the chances for real results!  So I highly recommend to keep your cleaners, day creams, night creams, serums and such, all in the same "family."  As  a set.  

And just don't use soap on your face.  It's drying.