Ready To Get Your Bikini Body?

 Getting a bikini body...lean muscle and not easy.  It's hard actually.  It takes time. It takes effort, tracking, and sweat. 

Did I sell that or what!? Wait. Don't run yet. 

It is, however totally doable.  You have to want it and you cannot be afraid to sweat.   There needs to be a goal written down, tracking of healthy balanced macronutrient-based meals, tracking of workouts, measurements of body composition (fat vs. muscle) and celebrations for milestones made!  

You want to compete, get competitive. 

I want to show you what we do with our pageant girls to get them ready for competition. But before that, I'd like to go over some myths that I have seen and heard from girls that have kept them from achieving the bikini body they want to have. 


Myth #1: Wanting to lose weight.

          I think one of the biggest problems we face when it comes to achieving a goal is to define it clearly.  You don’t merely want to lose weight, because the weight of your body consists of fat and muscle (two very different tissues), bones, skin, blood and other bodily fluids…you get my point.  The only thing you really want to lose, or reduce, is fat.  That’s it.  So, what you really want is to lose fat. Not muscle. Surely not blood.  

This is important to know because in order to win the battle, you must know your opponent, so to speak. 

Now that that is clear…how do we lose fat?

Basically, we starve it, the fat. Don't get me wrong, fat on our bodies, especially female bodies, is very important.  But excess fat is something we don't need.  It's excess. We feed the muscle macronutrients (carbs, protiens, and good fats), exercise everyday (consistently increasing intensity to burn energy, including fat). Those are the basics. More specifics on gym workouts and tips to lose weight in a minute!

Myth #2 You need to spend hours at the gym

         NO you don’t.  Look, I am a ridiculously busy mom of 4 very talented, athletic and active children.  I can get a crazy good workout in 45 minutes that will keep burning calories all day.  I will gladly show you how it’s done.  Maximum time in the gym may be an hour. That's like 4% of your day to achieve your bikini body.  You can swing that, right? Any more than that will probably not be appealing to you. It wouldn’t be appealing to me. 


Myth #3 You need to diet, eat less or stop eating

         Nope.  You may need a kitchen makeover, and some guidelines to eating to lose fat, but that doesn’t mean a diet.  It’s all habit changes. And you need to eat to lose fat. Sounds weird, but it’s science.  Can’t mess with science. 


Myth #4 Numbers on the scale matters most

         Scales are useful but don’t be number driven by them.  Measuring your fat vs. your muscles with a skinfold caliper and measuring tape will give you more details of your body that are more helpful than the scale.  Because, after all, we want to lose fat, build muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. Your scale won’t add up. 

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Myth #5 Resistance training bulks you up

         Negative. Being that we are female (that is, born female, with endless estrogen flow and minimal testosterone), we cannot bulk up.  We just were not made to do that.  Our muscles, when toned, are absolutely beautiful and shapely.  So don’t be afraid to lift those weights! You will succeed in your swimsuit competition if you lift!


Myth #6 I have to have the perfect body

         I heard a pageant girl say this once…what does that mean?  I think this statement comes to surface when we start to compare ourselves to others.  Let me tell you something, you are wonderfully made.  You are not perfect, no one is.  But everyone can improve and grow. If you can stay focused on just losing fat, building muscle, you will be the best version of yourself, physically, in 12 weeks time. 


Myth #7 I just need to tone my…(fill in the blank)

         When you workout, fat melts all over.  So, focus on eating to feed your muscles, starve your fat, cardio and weight training, you’ll be fine.  


Lose fat.  Build muscle.  


You will learn so much about you and your body, you’ll be breaking barriers, and developing new habits to have for the rest of your life. You will develop consistency, determination, and strength while smokin’ that swimsuit competition like you were born to strut that bikini body.  

You got this. Now let's get to work!